For over 30 years, MAP has refined a unique approach to constructing diverse portfolios of natural gas and renewable energy assets in the onshore US. We partner with endowments, foundations, and family offices to make investments focused on producing cash flow and value over the long term.

MAP began investing in US natural gas royalty interests in 1987. Our geologic expertise, analytical tools, and established relationships have enabled us to make over $1.4 billion in natural gas investments in the major natural gas plays across the US. We actively manage over 45,000 natural gas assets on behalf of our long-standing investors. These assets are expected to supply the growing US and global demand for natural gas for decades to come.

In 2004, MAP pioneered a new investment structure in the renewable energy industry by creating royalty interests for wind energy assets. Over the last 15 years, MAP made over $1 billion of investments in wind energy, utility-scale solar, and energy storage in the onshore US. MAP participated in the development of approximately 11% of all operating wind energy capacity in the US. In December 2020, MAP completed a transaction to sell the renewable energy and energy storage assets held by seven different funds.

MAP continues to manage one of the largest private portfolios of mineral and royalty interests in the US and remains focused on energy investing.